Fighting Colds Through Healthy Eating


Colds are not as dangerous as other illnesses, but just the same, it gives a feeling of discomfort. Some of the symptoms that one needs to watch out for are watery eyes, runny nose, cough and congestion. It could be one or two of those, and in the worst cases all of these.

Have you ever felt that you are about to get a cold? What do you usually do in this case? More or less, you would sit down and rest, and have a nice cup of tea. Yes, that would help as the body is fueled properly. It’s also likely that you will not be having enough appetite. This is exactly what you really need to be doing – eating. The body needs all the nutrients at this moment, some of which can be provided by certain types of food.

There are ways to help fight the common cold as fast as possible. For starters get as much Vitamin C as you can. This vitamin is said to be very rich in antioxidants and will therefore, strengthen the immune system that helps combat flu and colds. This is available in certain foods such as berries, brocolli, grapefruits, peppers and oranges.

Yogurt is also an excellent food option at this time. Probiotics should definitely be added in the diet. As there are supplements that can be taken, there is still nothing better than whole food. Opt for the plain yogurt, with an absence of sugar and flavors though. This can assure that your immune system will be working in top shape. Most people believe that probiotics are only used for those with stomach problems but what they don’t realize is that, these can also treat the common colds and flu as well.

Great sources of probiotics are barley and beans too. Aside from strengthening the immune system, these are also known to properly break down the food in the body. When this happens, the nutrients will spread in the body so it can benefit the most. These are also good sources of energy that helps fight colds and similar illnesses. Other food types that should be added to the diet are quinoa, bananas, oats and more.

To sum this all up, you can fight the colds by simply choosing to eat healthy. Prevent it from further getting worse by knowing which food to eat and when to eat it as well.For great health, you could also take usana products. You can buy usana products that will really promote your health and well being accordingly.


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